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Welcome the 2016 Warped Tour Cover Stars!

motionless in white real friends sleeping with sirens the word alive tonight alive warped tour waterparks

Welcome the 2016 Warped Tour Cover Stars!

Suns out, fun's out—it's finally here! Our annual WARPED TOUR issue has arrived! We've been talking to the bold people (and pup!) fronting SLEEPING WITH SIRENS, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, TONIGHT ALIVE, REAL FRIENDS, THE WORD ALIVE and WATERPARKS. We also got your all-access pass to everything behind the scenes for what makes Warped Tour run—from advice on how to keep your chill when meeting your fave band to how current tour vets got their start (and how you can, too)!  Plus, we spoke to over THIRTY bands about their first Warped experiences, biggest tour disasters and how they really feel...

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