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182 Dashboard Confessional

182 Dashboard Confessional

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Dashboard Confessional
New songs, new approaches, same person: Ryan J. Downey talks to Dashboard Confessional mainstay Chris Carrabba about the view from where he’s standing-and, no, he can’t see John Mayer’s house from there. 

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
The world’s coolest cover band discusses the merits of contemporary R&B, good swag and teen urine-drinking with J. Bennett. 

The Mars Volta
Omar Rodriguez and Cedric Bixler Zavala left one of the underground’s most respected bands at its creative zenith. Trevor Kelley learns why and finds there’s plenty of creative life on Mars. 

Further Seems Forever
More than just a footnote in Chris Carrabba’s career, this band of Florida punks are clearing their own path. All it takes is faith in God, barbecues, air pistols and the occasional Guinness. 

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